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Our Institute’s infrastructure is designed to make the learning process easier and comfortable. We have an outstanding staff, teaching and non-teaching, who are dedicated and committed. There are modern libraries and laboratories. The aim is to ensure satisfaction to our customers. Please take some of your time to explore our gallery for your observation.

We have a dynamic and open minded administration team, adhering to diversity as part of key aspects to the learning process. Therefore, we also host students without discrimination to age, sex, colour, race, nationality or disability. Overall, we create a wonderful culture, knowledge sharing, and experience exchange.

We adhere to diversity and believe it plays a big role in student learning process. We welcome all students regardless of sex, color, nationality, physical disability,religion or ethnic origin. Our diversified institution comprises of students and workers from various regions and nationalities this creates a wonderful culture, knowledge and experience interchange:-

  • Do you want to learn in a very green, spacious, conducive environment from a world class institution?,
  • Do you want education beyond classroom knowledge that inspires and nurture creativity?,
  • Do you want education that shapes your career and grow professionally?

    Green bird institution is an ideal place for you.


Green Bird Education Institute is located in Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania. It is only 1.5 km from the Arusha-Dar es Salaam main road.

Green Bird Institute consists of:-

  • Green Bird Baby Care Center,
  • Green Bird English medium primary school (Academy),
  • Green Bird High school,
  • Green Bird College

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We prefer Quality Education, to make sure this happen we...We prefer Quality Education, to make sure this happen we...We prefer Quality Education, to make sure this happen we...

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